[Curatorial Project]
Satélite - Marcela Cabezas Hilb
Casa Florida Galería
August - September 2016
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Installation views by Valentina Cao

Marcela Cabezas Hilb’s 'Satélite' deals with the artist’s lost memories of her family’s return travels to Argentina in 1980 when the country was still under military rule – Marcela had been born in Mexico during her parents’ exile due to political persecution.

As the toddler she was at the time, the artist's memories of that experience were completely forgotten. 'Satélite,' then, explores the status of the testimony and the politics of forgetting/remembering in historicized events through the recollection of family member’s memories, photographic image production, and astronomical inquiry as a proxy for a possible archeology in the present of a seemingly traceless past.